• NOC: An MSP’s Guide to Network Operations Centers

    Network operations center (NOC) services, in the context of modern-day IT managed services, typically involve the delivery of IT services that focus on endpoint monitoring and management. Endpoints, in this context, refer to servers and workstations (desktops and laptops) as well as network (SNMP) devices.


    A NOC services company is a third-party resource that delivers these IT services on behalf of the MSP. Usually, the NOC services company provides 24x7x365 services. This 24×7 support can, in and of itself, be a value add for the MSP.

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    MSPs commonly provide many of the same services to their clients. However, the problem arises when their technicians get overwhelmed handling service tickets and alarms that take up most of their time. It’s often difficult for MSPs in this situation to grow their business. They find themselves under pressure to hire additional technical staff to manage a larger number of endpoints, but either cannot afford to do so or are unable to find qualified people.

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