• Network with the right people

    Many IT professionals love to advise, help, or mentor others. If you have someone in your professional or personal network who know such people, request an introduction or reach out to them. Don’t be shy about asking questions related to their education, career, skills they wish they had before etc.

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    Even if you can’t find or know such mentors, try browsing LinkedIn pages for IT professionals with jobs you admire and send requests to connect with them. Also, find what kind of education they have, the experience they gained and the characteristics they emphasize about themselves. Take note of what you learn and how the information can be used to help you secure or advance your own career.

    Research different training programs and educational courses that suit your requirements. Choose the best program based on your existing educational and professional experiences, your desired career path and the amount of time you can invest in learning.  This will help you form an education plan.

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