• Introduction of Computer Network

    Network Goals and Applications

    Resource Sharing: The hardware devices like printers and scanners can be shared over a Network. This reduces costs by reducing the number of hardware items.

    Storage Sharing: On a network, the user can access the data of another machine and can store data on another machine.

    Reliability: A file can have copies on two or three different computers. So, if one is not available other copies can be used.

    Access to a remote database: User can access the Host computer at his PC and send the request. For example - users can make flight reservations, book hotels, and so on anywhere in the world with instant confirmation.

    Communication Facilities: Network provides us facilities to communicate with others via Emails, Chats, Video conferencing, and so on.

    Know more @ DHCP process

    Disadvantages of Networking

    Complex: Systems are more complex to run.

    Server fails: If all data are held centrally in a server. It may create problems if the central server fails.

    Expensive to install: Cables, Network devices, NIC, and Softwares required for installation of the network. And these are quite expensive.

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