• Companies at risk

    As well as targeting companies through Zoom, cybercriminals are trying different cyber scams to trick companies. These scams include impersonation on social media platforms or phishing emails.


    The scams are aimed at tricking employees into giving money away, provide the credentials to cloud-based applications, or pay fake invoices. This increase in online fraud is a significant threat that most companies are not prepared for.

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    Yoav Keren, CEO, BrandShield, said: “With global businesses big and small become increasingly reliant on video conferencing facilities like Zoom, sadly, cybercriminals are trying to capitalise. Businesses need to educate their employees quickly about the risks they may face, and what to look out for. The cost of successful phishing attacks is bad for a company’s balance sheet in the best of times, but at the moment it could be fatal.


    “BrandShield protects some of the biggest corporations in the world and we takedown thousands of threats across websites and social media. We are getting companies approaching us all the time asking for our help. This problem is only going to get bigger as people spend more time transacting and interacting online.”

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